Building the worlds largest database on pollinators.

It's never been easier to play an active part in protecting the world's insect biodiversity with POLLY, the in-field sensor device.

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"This combined with many other sensors we have deployed is building up our orchard digital twin, giving us game changing insights."
Bardsley Farm, UK

Happy Female Gardener

Near real-time data

Our hardware is deployed within minutes and immediately begins to collect data to aid decision making. Data is transmitted via 3/4G connectivity and accessed via our secure data storage platform.

Quick Interpretation

Transparent pricing

Pollination activity data is presented via our user interface, highlighting areas of low pollinator activity and suggesting simple interventions to increase numbers.

A simple lease model enables growers to only pay for the kit when needed for their crop. No annual fees or kit servicing required.


"POLY is vitally important to ensure our flowers can
fight climate change. We plan to use POLY to collect data and measure insect abundance in the garden." 
National Trust for Scotland's Inverewe Garden

Apple Orchard

Precision pollination with POLLY

Automatically detects, counts and distinguishes key functional groups of insects using acoustic detection methods

Directly improves crop yield & fruit quality

Increases percentage of crop achieving class 1

Providing evidence of biodiversity for new farming subsidy schemes